Hi Lovelies!

I am so glad you're here! I'm Tobreesha, better known as Bree, founder & owner of The Confidence Act. As a Christian, it has always been my dream to create a space that was more than just a retail store, but a place of encouragement, a place that would help women unravel truth in their life rather than except lies that the world fills their mind with. There are many platforms, businesses & movements that celebrate women in a way that disregards God, which means for the godly woman, we are seen as foolish. The Confidence Act celebrates women in a way that magnifies God! TCA celebrates the woman reflecting Christ, Encourages the woman who might be discouraged & rejoices with the woman who understands that what we wear isn't a reflection of our confidence, but is a reflection of our heart for the Lord. If everything we do is supposed to glorify God; why is what we wear any different? The Confidence Act answers this question by providing modest clothing that you will look forward to wearing & will hopefully give you a beautiful view of modesty, in every aspect, instead of the negative view the world has advertised. You will also notice that with every item, there is scripture attached. My hope is that every time you wear the item, you will be reminded & encouraged by God's word, and maybe start a conversation with a friend about His truth! Thank you so much for your support & love! You are always welcome here!

Love always,